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Super Bowl – Day 9: Rain

February 2, 2010
Casey Henry

Casey Henry

So when I said yesterday that it could rain all it wanted between now and Game Day, I may have been exaggerating slightly. What I really meant was closer to: it can rain all it wants TODAY as long as we can get in our three remaining volunteer practices before Game Day. Because, honey, we really need those practices. I have mentioned to you before that this stage is huge, and it is. There are also some maneuvering challenges when getting it on and off the field, like the goal post, for example, which is right in front of the tunnel and you kinda have to swerve and do this little sideways movement to get the longer pieces around it. Those little moves take time, and time is something we are short on.

Boy, it sure did rain all it wanted to yesterday. Poured all day. The practice field was a lake. They were pumping water out of various tents. They had put pallets down on the floor of the catering tent so that we could walk over the pond-sized puddle there. Good thing there was no practice scheduled, because it wouldn’t have happened. Today we’re waiting to see if the field drains enough to use for tonight’s practice. It’s looking good so far. The sun is even peeking through. Fingers crossed. Toes crossed. Everything that can be crossed is crossed. (But crossing my eyes is going to make it difficult to finish this post…)

I’m home sick from work today. Yesterday I work up with a sore throat, which I hoped would get better as the day wore on, but instead got worse. It hurt so much that I could not swallow without flinching. It hurt so bad that I thought I would cry. Along about five o’clock I had to hunt down Holly and Bryan to see if we could leave because I was desperately tired. I needed to get home, not in that I-need-to-make-a-cup-of-tea-and-sit-on-the-couch way, but in the I-need-to-crawl-directly-into-bed way. Which is just what I did.

After a couple hours I felt enough better to move from bed to couch, and the medicine I took started helping. Cap (our staging crew boss) brought me some gigner ale. After several eposodes of “Ghost Whisperer” and one of “Life on Mars,” which I fell asleep during, I went back to bed and awoke ten hours later feeling marginally better. But I’m still writing this post from the couch, lacking the necessary energy to sit at the table.

I hate that I’m sick. I hate missing work. It makes me feel wimpy, though I know that’s ridiculous, because everyone gets sick sometimes and it’s better to not be around other people and risk getting them sick. And as I’ve mentioned, my part in this production is minuscule, so it’s not like they can’t soldier on without me. But I feel like I’m letting the group down. That, by the way, is the same feeling we want to develop and foster in our volunteers because we really can’t soldier on without them!