No Super Bowl Blog Today

Casey Henry

Casey Henry

The reason there’s no Super Bowl Blog today is that I was home sick yesterday. I do know that it quit raining in time for us to hold practice last night, which is good, but I can’t tell you anything about it since I wasn’t there. I can, however, tell you that the SciFi channel (now stupidly renamed SyFy) had an awesome “Star Trek TNG” marathon on all day yesterday, of which I watched about eight hours, followed by some “Home Improvement.”

Actually, I can tell you something about it. I wasn’t going to, but someone has already texted me this morning to ask if I’m okay, and not because he knew I was sick. He saw on the news that one of the stage pieces overturned last night during practice injuring four of our volunteers, who were taken to the hospital. I only know what I saw on the Sun-Sentinel website, which said that the injuries were not life threatening. If I can I’ll let you know more when I find out.

menu from the boarkwalk juice bar

The menu from the boardwalk juice bar.

About supper time I had to roust myself out of my room to go find some food. I went to the organic juice bar on the boardwalk downstairs and got the mixed veggie juice (kale, collard, cucumber, dandelion, parsley, fennel, cilantro, mixed lettuces, carrot, and beet), figuring that a whole lotta green could only help me kick this cold. My next stop was the convenience store in the lobby for a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, which is also known for aiding the immune system.  😉  The clerk at the counter said, when he saw my green juice, “What the hell is that?” Instead of chastising him for cussing at the customers I patiently explained and went back to my room to crawl into bed and eat my ice cream.


2 Responses to “No Super Bowl Blog Today”

  1. Jimmy and Lynne Herweck Says:

    Casey, I saw a story about a super bowl stage that collapsed and caused some injuries to volunteers. If so, maybe it was a good thing that you missed work for a day or two. Did that really happen? We are praying you get better. Jimmy and Lynne

    • Casey Henry Says:

      Yep. It really happened. None of the injuries were serious, thank goodness. I’m feeling better, if sounding somewhat froggy today! Great to hear from you. Thanks!!


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