Super Bowl 44 – Day 5: Cuban Food

Casey Henry

Casey Henry

I’m sad this morning because I broke my mug while I was washing it. It was a Scarlett O’Hara mug that my grandmother bought for me when she was in her yard sale phase. I brought it with me to drink out of (since hotel rooms don’t always have real mugs). It slipped from the towel to the tile floor and that was that. So I’m drinking my Red Rose tea from an anonymous hotel mug and it is much less satisfying.

Yesterday was our third volunteer practice. Our numbers are still low, which is beginning to concern us. The stage is going together much better; we continue to shave off time each time we assemble it. We still have a long way to go.

The volunteers are already getting tired of the boxed lunches. (We feed them at every practice. The sandwiches – ham, turkey, roast beef, or veggie – are always the same. Served with chips and a cookie and little mayo and mustard packets.) They laughed when I said, “Just wait til next week and see how tired of them you’ll be by then.” I think they thought I was kidding, but I wasn’t. As week two progresses, the number of leftover lunches sitting on the table at the end of practice grows as more and more people get their own food before practice. I mean, couldn’t they at least use a different kind of bread? Or have an apple instead of chips? Something??

Yesterday for lunch, Holly, Bryan, and I went to a Cuban restaurant called La Carreta. I had a plantain omelette. I never would have thought of putting plantains in an omelette, but it was really good, although much too large for me to finish. We topped off the meal with Cuban coffee, which will really put a spring in your step.

I had a little down time yesterday, so I was catching up on my blog reading and reflecting that I wish I could blog like Penelope Trunk. All of her posts are useful (except this one, which is useless), contain research, and are entertaining. I suspect that I could, if I, like she, spent four hours on each post. Unfortunately for y’all 30-60 minutes on each post is all I can manage at the moment. I aim to do better, though.

Now I have to venture down to the hotel continental breakfast, since I’ve finished every scrap of food in my room. I definitely need food to carry me through the 10 am production meeting, about which you will hear more tomorrow.

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