Super Bowl 44 – Day 2

Casey Henry

Casey Henry

I had a brief moment of not-quite-panic this morning when my computer told me that the hotel wireless network had “limited or no connectivity.” I said to the network, “What? No! Connectivity is not optional; it’s required. You are not screwing up my blogging schedule on the second day!” And then it connected. I guess it knows what’s good for it.

Loooooong day yesterday. The previous two years I’ve worked this job I’ve had a certain amount of time during the day, especially on days that we don’t have a volunteer practice, to work on whatever computer work I’ve got going. Almost always it’s a Banjo Newsletter article. Last year it was an article on Kristin Scott Benson. Yesterday though, I had zero time to work on anything else.

One of my main jobs is alphabetizing the volunteers’ waiver forms (the ones that say you won’t sue the NFL if you get hurt, and that you won’t post unauthorized pictures on Facebook). It’s a five-page stack of papers per person, and this year we’re going to have about 600 people. We held a volunteer orientation meeting in December, so there were about 400 waiver forms from that meeting waiting for me when I got to our trailer yesterday. I spent several hours putting them into the plastic file box in alphabetical order, and I didn’t even get to the bottom of the stack. (I should note, though, that it’s WAY better than our system from past years where I had to punch holes in them and put them in binders.) Additionally I have to look at every single page and make sure it is signed and that we have emergency contact information for each person.

Just when my eyes were starting to cross and I was becoming unable to remember the alphabet we headed out to the practice field for our first volunteer rehearsal. Three check-in people, including myself, marked people off of our list as fast as possible, but still the line was really, really long at times. The stage this year is bigger than any stage in the past (and will look completely awesome…). Therefore we’re using more people than we ever have before. Moving so much stage and so many people around takes a really long time, which we anticipated, but we still ran over our scheduled practice time by half and hour. Our volunteers give freely of their time, and a lot of them make long drives, so we don’t like to impose on them any more than we’ve said we’re going to. We’ll definitely work on a way to stay on schedule before our next practice.

Weather-wise we lucked out. Yesterday dawned warm and rainy and then a “cold front” blew through bringing storms and cooler weather. Almost no where else in the U.S. would sixty degrees — in January — be considered a cold front, but this is Miami, so many of our volunteers were caught unprepared for the chilliness and shivered through the night in shorts and t-shirts. I betcha at our next rehearsal I’ll see a sea of jackets and scarves.

When we finally got back to the hotel it was, like 11:30, and I fell directly into bed (did not pass Go, did not collect $200). This morning we’re scouting the Pro-Bowl volunteer parking location, and this evening is the only night this week that we don’t have a rehearsal. We will savor it!

(And see how good I’m being? The computer keeps frakking kicking me off line and I lost two long paragraphs of writing but did I get mad and throw things? No. I just re-wrote them, and they’re probably better for it.)


One Response to “Super Bowl 44 – Day 2”

  1. Murphy Henry Says:

    Love your Battlestar Galactica jargon! Go Starbuck! And glad you’re keeping your cool—Starbuck never could….

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