Super Bowl 44 – Day 1

Casey Henry

Casey Henry

It’s not entirely accurate to label this “Day 1” since most of the staging crew has been here for a week already. For them it’s Day 7. But it’s my own personal day one, and it’s my blog. So there you go.

I arrived safely in Miami yesterday and got settled in to our hotel. My room is a one-bedroom suite, which means there’s a bedroom plus a separate sitting area/kitchenette. It’s just fine, but strangely it has two bathrooms. This wouldn’t seem weird if one of the bathrooms was attached to the bedroom, a master bath, as it were. But both of the bathrooms are in the sitting area, right across the entryway from each other. It’s the darndest thing.

The hotel conveniently has a little market in the lobby where I procured milk (for my tea in the morning), beer, and bananas. That’s all I really need.

I head in for my first day of work this morning. The first stop will be to pick up my credentials (badge with name and picture that will get me in to the show compound, as our work area is called). Then we’ll head to the site, which is next to the Dolphins’ stadium (does that stadium have a name? Hmm. As of last week it is called Sun Life Stadium. Before that it was Land Shark Stadium. And before that: Dolphin Stadium.)

This evening is our first stage crew volunteer rehearsal and it is the first time we’ll be able to tell if we have enough people, or if we need to get busy and recruit more in a hurry. The last two years we’ve been lucky and have had plenty of people. Let’s hope our luck holds!

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2 Responses to “Super Bowl 44 – Day 1”

  1. Sav Says:

    “Milk, Beer, and Bananas”… There’s a song there, somewhere. Enjoying reading the updates from Miami!

  2. Murphy Henry Says:

    The “beer and bananas” reminded me of Hig’s old hurricane quote. All he needed to survive one, he said, was “beer, bread, and Bryers.”

    Hig was our guitar player for a while when we lived in Florida.

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