Super Bowl 44, Day Almost 1

Casey Henry

Casey Henry

The last two days I’ve spent packing, planning, and getting ready to fly to Miami to work on Super Bowl 44. I am an assistant volunteer coordinator and I help wrangle the 600 or so volunteers who are on the stage crew. Our job is to get the stage on and off the field for the halftime show in a timely manner, usually about five minutes to set up and the same to tear down. Using the lessons I learned while touring in November (for more on those, read my February Banjo Newsletter article, which will be out soon, if it’s not already) I’m packing less stuff and will do laundry more often. It’s awesome to travel with just one suitcase and not have to carry a heavy banjo through the airport.

We’re staying at a hotel near the beach, maybe right on the beach. And it will be warm; it’s 77 degrees there right now. That has made my packing much easier, not having to include long underwear, heavy coats, hats, scarves, mittens, and plenty of hand warmers for our nighttime practices. But, it also means that I had to pack shorts. Shorts! In January! I’m so unprepared to wear shorts in January. And a freakin’ bathing suit. No one should have to wear a bathing suit in the middle of winter. I’m a big fan of winter. I’d prefer to stick with my fuzzy sweat pants and big wool sweaters. But you can’t fight the weather, so the shorts went into the suitcase.

My flurry of pre-departure activity this morning included baking. I’m pretty sure that not everyone has baking biscuits and cornbread on their priority list when preparing to leave for a two-week trip, but I had amazing whole buttermilk from the Hatcher Family Dairy in my fridge, as well as local (Franklin, TN) eggs, and I didn’t want them to go to waste. So a double batch of cornbread and two pans of biscuits are going into the freezer this morning to patiently await my return. Some of the biscuits are also accompanying me on the plane. Breakfast tomorrow—yum!

Today determines who will come to play in the Super Bowl. We stage crew people usually watch the games together somewhere in the hotel. I’m not really a football fan, but one of my students is a Colts fan and I told her I’d bring her back a souvenir if the Colts made it to the game. On her behalf I’ll root for the Colts and we’ll see what happens!

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